YCA Publications is the publishing arm of Young Choral Academy (YCA). In collaboration with established Malaysian composers and arrangers, we are proud to publish a catalogue of original Malaysian choral works and arrangements which are made available for purchase in Malaysia and worldwide. It is our aim to promote, to share and to raise the profile of Malaysian choral music on a wider scale and for it to take its place alongside standard choral repertoire in programming for concerts, festivals and competitions.

Ng Shyh Poh

Title Code
Bumi Malaysia SSAA/TTBB A cappella
SAB & Piano
Dirgahayu Tanahairku SATTBB A cappella NSP-003
Jalur Gemilang SAB & Piano
SSA & Piano
Pewiraku SATB & Piano NSP-006
Tanahairku SSA & Piano NSP-007


Tracy Wong

Title Code
Dirgahayu Tanahairku SAB & Piano
SSATB & Piano
SSA & Piano
Malaysia Tanahairku SATB & Piano TW-004


Geneviene Wong

Title Code
A Glimpse of Malaysia (Medley of Malaysian Folksong) SATB & Piano GW-001
Ayon Laju SSA A cappella GW-002
Bunyi Gitar SAB & Piano GW-003
Di Tanjong Katong SAB & Piano GW-004
Gadis Kampong STB & Piano
SATB & Piano
Ibu ATTB A cappella GW-007
Jambatan Tamparuli ATB & Flute GW-008
Joget Kenangan Manis SATB A cappella GW-009
Malaysian Medley SSA& Piano GW-010
Nona Nona SSA & Piano GW-011
Ondeh Ondeh SS & Piano GW-012
Serunai Di Waktu Malam SATB & Piano GW-013
Songs from the East (Medley of Borneo Folk Songs) SA & Piano GW-014


Esther Lee

Title Code
Ikan Kekek SA & Piano EL-001


Yeo Chow Shern

Title Code
Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita SA, SSA or SAB & Keyboard YCS-001
Bumi Malaysia SATB & Piano YCS-002
Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang SA, SSA or SAB & Keyboard
SATB & Piano
Dirgahayu Tanah Airku 2 Voices & Piano
SATB & Keyboard
Gemilang 2 Voices & Piano YCS-007
Jinkly Nona SSA A cappella YCS-008
Keranamu Malaysia SA, SSA or SAB & Keyboard YCS-009
The Lost Voices SATB & Piano
SSA & Piano
Malaysia Tanah Airku SATB & Piano (A-flat Major)
SATB & Piano (A Major)
Malaysiaku Gemilang SATB & Piano YCS-014
Medley of Baba and Portugese Songs SAB & Piano YCS-015
Medley of Malaysian Music For Children: SA, SSA & Keyboard YCS-016
Nyalakan Tekad SA, SSA or SAB & Keyboard YCS-017
Perajuit Tanah Air SATB & Piano YCS-018
Perpaduan Bangsa SATB & Piano
SAB & Piano
SA & Piano
Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan SATB & Keyboard YCS-022
Satu Malaysia (LimKokWing Version) SA & Keyboard (C Major)
SA & Keyboard (B-flat Major)
Satu Malaysia SATB & Piano
SATB A cappella
Sejahtera Malaysia SATB & Piano YCS-027
Selamat Pergi Pahlawanku SATB & Keyboard
TTBB & Keyboard
Setangkai Mawar SSA & Keyboard
SA, SSA or SAB & Keyboard
Setia SATB & Piano YCS-032
Setia (Simplified Version) SATB & Piano YCS-033
Tanah Airku 2 Voices & Piano YCS-034
Untukmu Malaysia SATB & Keyboard YCS-035
Medley of South East Asian Music SA & Keyboard YCS-036
Warisan SATB & Keyboard YCS-037


Wesley Wong Kok Leong

Title Code
Bahtera Merdeka SA & Piano WW-001
Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita SA & Piano WW-002
Malaysia Boleh SATB & Piano WW-003
Putra Putri SA & Piano WW-004
Sehati Sejiwa SA & Piano WW-005
Tanah Pusaka SA & Piano WW-006
Tanggal 31 Ogos SA & Piano WW-007
Warisan SSAA A Capella WW-008
Putra Putri TTBB A Capella WW-009

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