Voices in Bloom

第三届<<韵徉之声>>儿童及青少年独唱比赛 Voices in Bloom Nationwide Children and Youth Solo Singing Competition 2018



1. 发掘孩子的独立性。
2. 提倡健康之文艺活动。
3. 提倡儿童正统声乐训练及推动“美声”唱法。
4. 栽培具有歌唱天赋之人才。

1. To develop individuality as a performer on stage.
2. To encourage healthy participation in the art of song.
3. To develop “Bel Canto” singing in children.
4. To cultivate young talent.


比赛组别 Category:

A. 中文艺术歌曲/民歌 Chinese Art/Folk Song
6yo to 9yo ~ Category A1
10yo to 14yo~ Category A2
14yo to 18yo~ Category A3

B. 西洋艺术歌曲/民歌 Western Art/Folk Song
6yo to 9yo ~ Category B1
10yo to 14yo~Category B2
14yo to 18yo~ Category B3

C. 时代流行歌曲 Contemporary Song
6yo to 9yo~ Category C1
10yo to 14yo~ Category C2
14yo to 18yo~ Category C3

C. 音乐剧选曲 Musical Theatre
6yo to 9yo~ Category D1
10yo to 14yo~ Category D2
14yo to 18yo~ Category D3


比赛地点 Venue of the Competition

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre (KLPAC)
Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
51100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


比赛日期/时间 Dates /Time of the Competition

1. 日期Date :
初赛 Preliminary Round : 5-11-2018 ( Monday )
初赛 Preliminary Round: 6-11-2018 ( Tuesday )
决赛 Final Round : 7-11-2018 ( Wednesday )
2. 时间 Time:
Time of the competition will be informed one month before the competition.


截止日期 Closing Date



选曲与音乐伴奏事项 Songs & Music Accompaniment

1. 参赛者必须在所参选的组别中任选两首不同的歌曲,1 首为初赛曲,另 1 首为决赛曲。初赛和决赛歌曲不可重复。
Contestants must prepare 2 different songs for their category, 1 song for the preliminary round and 1 song for the final round. Songs from the preliminary round CANNOT BE REPEATED in the final round.

2. A组和 B 组的参赛者必须自行联络钢琴伴奏老师为比赛现场伴奏,不可用 CD 音乐伴唱。 C 组和 D 组的参赛者可以选择现场伴奏或音乐伴唱 (Audio Format: MP3 only ), 伴唱音乐必须在 8月1日之前电邮至<voicesinbloom.yca@gmail.com>
Contestants from Category A & Category B must arrange for their own piano accompanist for the competition, No Audio CD is allowed in these categories. Contestants from Category C & Category D are allowed to use minus one Music (Audio Format: MP3 only ) – to be emailed to <voicesinbloom.yca@gmail.com> before 1-8-2018 for advance technical check.


奖品 The Prize

1. 决赛奖励如下: 冠军,亚军,季军,殿军以及 6 名优秀奖。每个组别将选出十位参赛者进入决赛,每位入选的参赛者将获得奖杯,比赛证书,以及由评审给予的评语。每个组别的冠军还获得一堂由评审个别指导总值 RM200 的 45 分钟课程。
In the final round, prizes will be given as below: Winner, First-runner up, Second-runner up, Third- runner up and 6 consolation prizes. Ten finalists in each category will get a trophy, certificate and comments from the judges for learning and improvement purposes. The winner of each category will also be awarded a 45-minute masterclass from one of the juries from the jury panel, worth RM200.

2. 在决赛中得票最高的参赛者将获得 “最高观众票选奖”。
The finalist with the highest votes will be awarded the “Audience Choice Award”.


报名费 Registration Fee

1. 每名参赛者的报名费是 RM148 每个类别,它是不可退还的。此报名费已包含参赛者和一个家长在总决赛的入场券。(请在初赛当天在报到处兑换您的决赛免费入场券。)
The registration fee is RM148 per participant for each category. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. It includes the contestant and one parent’s tickets for final round. (Please collect your final round complimentary ticket during the registration at the Preliminary Round Competition.)

2. 报名费必须通过银行转账 的方式完成报名:
MAYBANK: 5142 7144 0101 Young Choral Academy Sdn Bhd
请在完成转账后电 邮或传真银行收据到 voicesinbloom.yca@gmail.com

Payment must made through bank transfer:
MAYBANK: 5142 7144 0101 Young Choral Academy Sdn Bhd.
Please email the bank transfer receipt to voicesinbloom.yca@gmail.com once payment has been made.


评审标准 Judging Criteria

发声技巧 30%,音色 30%,咬字 25%,整体表现 15%
Technical Facility 30%, Articulation 30%, Pronunciation/Diction 25% and
Overall Artistic Impression 15%


大会评审 Judging Panel

The jury will be made up of all nation and local music professionals as well as famous award-winning vocalists. Judges
reserve the right to make all final decisions. No correspondence will be entertained.


免责声明 Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability

1. 主办当局有权利拒绝参赛者的选曲。
The organizer reserves the right to reject songs selected by the contestant if the songs are inappropriate.

2. 凡违反本章程者,主办当局有权取消其比赛资格。
Contestants will be disqualified if they do not follow the rules governing the competition.

3. 本章程如有未尽善处,主办当局有权随时增加或删减修正。
The organizers reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the competition rules.