Chian Rui Yi

Chian Rui Yi graduated from Kodaly Institute in 2012 with a focus on Kodaly music pedagogy. The two years of study in Hungary widened her perspective towards music education and deepened her desire to carry the idea of the Kodaly concept into the music education scene in Malaysia after the pioneering act of Susanna Saw, the founder of Young Choral Academy, who brought in the first Kodaly seminar in year 2009.

Rui Yi believes in a child-centered approach as there is not one method which fits all and passionately upholds this belief in her class teaching. She is currently a visiting lecturer at the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) where she teaches Aural Skills and Ear Training, a music teacher and music syllabus developer in Dwi Emas International School, where she also assists in vocal class teaching in Sri Emas International School. At Young Choral Academy, Rui Yi teaches musicianship and conducts the various levels of the Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir course and is an external Choir Tutor for the academy.

As a music educator, she has attended different music workshops and seminars to explore different teaching methods including the 1st Asia Kodaly Symposium for Music and Choral Educators, Dalcroze workshop, 4th Asia Suzuki conference, International Conference on Music Pedagogy and other workshops on contemporary music and teaching methods. She also finds time to sing with the semi-professional Kuala Lumpur Vocal Ensemble which was invited to perform as a Guest Choir at the Voices of Asia International Choir Festival in 2014 and Malaysia Choral Eisteddfod Tertiary Level 2014 & 2015.