Regina Neoh

Regina Neoh discovered her passion for song and dance at the age of 13 when she joined the Operafest Childrens Choir. She took the course ‘Intro to Musical Theatre’ at the Actor’s Studio Academy in 2003 and that led to her joining The Young K.L Singers that same year. Regina was a part-time student at the National Arts Academy(now ASWARA) in 2004 for voice(Classical) and dance(Jazz). In 2005, Regina spent 6 months in Melbourne, Australia and did short courses in Musical Theatre and Acting at the Victorian College of the Arts. She obtained her grade 8 for Voice (Musical Theatre) from the London College of Music under the tutelage of Ms. Susanna Saw in 2007. She is currently under the vocal tutelage of Mr. Brandon Wong.

Regina has been part of groups performing at events and competing in choir competitions, including the 1st Asian Choir Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2007 and the 6th World Choir Games held in Shaoxing, China in 2010 with The Young K.L. Singers. Regina was part of the Malaysian Institute of Arts Ladies Chorus performing at the International Kodaly Symposium in Brisbane, Australia and competing at the 2nd Vietnam International Choir Competition in 2012, both as a singer and choreographer.

As a dancer, Regina has had some training in jazz, ballet and contemporary. She was an active Salsa dancer for 4 years with Havana Estudio and has performed in festivals and congresses in Malaysia and Singapore. Regina has done some choreography for choirs and shows. In the year 2011, she was the choreographer for SMK Seafield’s musical production of ‘West Side Story’. Regina was also the assistant choreographer for The Young K.L. Singers’ production ‘Popzzicals’ in 2012. She is currently a tutor for the K.L. Childrens Choir.

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