Angela Lim

Lim Ying Chee (Angela) has been with The Opera Bridesmaids since its conception in 2014. Her formal musical journey began with learning the piano at the age of 13 under tutelage of Ms Low Siow Yen. She is currently in the third year of her degree in UCSI University majoring in Contemporary Piano under tutelage of Mr Toro Cheng.

During her foundation year at UCSI, Angela unintentionally took up vocal lesson with Ms Gynger Soh in December 2013 and had participated in few solo competitions. She won the third prize (Central Region) and Consolation Prize (National level) in the 41st Malaysia National Classical Singing Competition at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in December of 2015. She was awarded bronze in 3rd Chin Yong Music Festival 2016. Besides, she obtained two silvers for Solo and Duet category in 4th Annual Asia Arts Festival 2016 in Singapore. With Ms Gynger’s guidance, she obtained her Trinity College Grade 8 in singing within 2 years and with many performance experiences as a soloist, ensemble member and choir member.

Furthermore, with Ms Gynger’s guidance and encouragement, she sang in Richard Lewis’s Masterclass and participated in the Opera Workshop held in Brisbane, Australia in January 2016. Though her musical journey has been fairly short, she had participated UCSI Chamber Choir as soprano 2 in many events such as choir competitions that were held in Pattaya, Thailand, and Bali, Indonesia in 2014 and 2015. She sang with choirs in Malaysian Philharmonic orchestra for Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton and Mahler Symphony No.2 productions. She represented Malaysia to participate in Incheon Asia Youth Choir conducted by Dr. Hak Won Yoon in October 2016. Currently, she is now singing as Alto in UCSI choir.

Angela also holds certifications in Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, Practical), Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, Theory), Kodaly Primary Level 1 (Australian Certification), Grade 8 Vocal with Merit (Trinity).

出生于马来西亚森美兰州, 现就读于思特雅国际大学学院 (UCSI University), 主修现代钢琴,并于青年合唱及声乐学院 (Young Choral Academy) 副修声乐,师从苏美婷老师。她拥有钢琴第八级文凭 (Associated Board of Royal School of Music) 以及 声乐第八级文凭 (Trinity College London)。

韵琪更于各项马新的声乐比赛中表现优异。 她于2015年马来西亚全国中马区大赛中获得女子组季军;2016年于新加坡第4届亚洲艺术节中在各人与二中唱比赛中双双获得银奖。

学习音乐的生涯中,韵琪把持着不断学习的态度,除了参加 Richard Lewis 英国爱丁堡的指挥家的声乐大师班外, 也特意前往澳洲布里斯班 (Brisbane) 参加了夏日歌剧训练营,在 Janice Chapman, Margaret Schindler, Richard Lewis, Graham Godfrey 和Joseph Ward 的训练下, 她获益良多。

在青年合唱及声乐学院 (YCA) 的杰出表现下, 她被选为剧娘美声歌剧团 (The Opera Bridesmaids) 的团员之一,并且于同名演唱会中担任主要的领唱, 同时, 韵琪也是思特雅国际大学学院的合唱团员之一。 她于2014 年随团参加泰国芭提雅举办的第7届国际合唱节获得金奖,以及2015年于印尼巴厘岛举办的国际合唱赛中分别获得金奖与银奖。除此之外, 在韵琪积极与优异的表现下荣幸的于2016年受邀代表马来西亚前往韩国仁川参加东盟青年合唱节, 在国际著名的指挥家 Dr. HakWon Yoon 的带领下与亚洲其他国家的歌手一同演出。

韵琪现于芙蓉 Klavier Music Centre 和 Young Choral Academy 担任钢琴及声乐老师。