MCE National Competition Result 2017

MCE Competition Results

Congratulation to all participating choirs, the competition result are as below:

Primary School Category

Gold Level C: SJKC Ave Maria Convent (Perak)
The Davidson School (Kuala Lumpur)
SJKC Kwang Hua Butterworth (Penang)
Sri Kuala Lumpur Primary International School (Selangor)
Silver Level A: SK Seri Selangor (Selangor)
SJKC Kung Man (Selangor)
SK Sungai Penchala (Kuala Lumpur)
SJKC Chung Hwa (P) (Kuala Lumpur)
SK Taman Megah (Selangor)
SJKC Yoke Nam (Kuala Lumpur)
SJKC Wu Teck (Selangor)
Silver Level B: SJKC Puay Chai 2 (Selangor)
SJKC Chung Hua Klang (Selangor)
SJKC Kepong 3 (Kuala Lumpur)
SK Convent (M) Kajang (Selangor)
Silver Level C: SJKC Chee Wen (Selangor)
SJKC Chi Man (Kuala Lumpur)

Secondary School Category

Gold Level B: SMJK Sam Tet (Ipoh)
SMK Seafield (Selangor)
Gold Level C: SMK Kepong (Kuala Lumpur)
SMJK Katholik (Selangor)
SMK Damansara Jaya Girls Choir (Selangor)
Silver Level A: SMK Raja Jumaat (Negeri Sembilan)
SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth (Penang)
SMJK Nan Hwa (Perak)
Kueng Cheng High School (Kuala Lumpur)
Sri Sempurna International School (Kuala Lumpur)
SMK Damansara Jaya Mixed Choir (Selangor)
SMK (P) Sri Aman (Selangor)
SMK Bandar Damai Perdana (Selangor)
Silver Level B: SMJK Phor Tay (Penang)
SMK USJ 13 (Selangor)
SMK Seri Sentosa (Kuala Lumpur)
SMK Labuan (Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan)
SMK Bukit Jalil (Kuala Lumpur)
Silver Level C: SMK Methodist ACS Seremban (Negeri Sembilan)

Open Category

Gold Level A: University Teknologi MARA Chamber Choir (Selangor)
Gold Level B: The Male-efficient (Sabah)
Gold Level C: X.U.M. (Selangor)
The Singaholics (Selangor)
Gaudeamus Youth Choir (Selangor)
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (Selangor)
Silver Level A: iCHoir of INTi International College Subang (Selangor), Sunway University (Selangor)

Kevin Stannard

Choirs may take part in the following THREE (3) Categories in the Competition:
i. Category A: Primary School Choirs
ii. Category B: Secondary School Choirs
iii. Category C: Open Category (University/Collegiate/Community Choirs)