MCE competition

Kevin Stannard

Choirs may take part in the following THREE (3) Categories in the Competition:
i. Category A: Primary School Choirs
ii. Category B: Secondary School Choirs
iii. Category C: Open Category (University/Collegiate/Community Choirs)


  1. The minimum number of singers allowed (not inclusive of conductor and accompanist) in each category for each participating choir is 20 singers, there is NO maximum number of singers allowed for each category.
  2. Registration fee is RM30.00 per person (including conductor and accompanist) for each Category.
  3. Each choir must prepare a programme of TWO (2) CONTRASTING PIECES, one freely chosen and one song in Bahasa Malaysia which may be accompanied or unaccompanied. If accompanied, they should only be with a piano. Recorded playbacks or backing tracks are NOT allowed. Choirs are welcome to perform pieces in any language and from any time period, including original compositions or commissions. Choirs are encouraged to choose works that highlight their particular talents or background and demonstrate a range of styles.
  4. Each choir is allowed a maximum pure singing time of 8 minutes. This is NOT inclusive of walking on and off the stage. The start of timing will begin when the first note of each piece is sung and will conclude at the final note of each piece. Timing will be restarted at the beginning of the next piece. The time to enter and exit the stage will not be included, nor will the time in between pieces. Choirs exceeding the maximum pure singing time will be penalized 2 points for every 30 seconds, from their total score.
  5. Each choir must submit FIVE (5) sets of scores for the Jury, along with their Registration form. This may be in the form of hard copies of scores or licensed electronic copies obtained from the publisher or composer. Scores must be original scores, and will be returned to the conductor/choirs at the end of the competition. Submitted scores must be in conventional stave notation.
  6. The conductor of a choir may be allowed to conduct a different choir or choirs in either categories of the Competition.
  7. The Organizers reserve the right to record performances of choirs during the Competition, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for archive purposes.

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  1. The Competition Jury will consist of a panel of international choral experts.
  2. The evaluation of the Competition will be based on an international evaluation system, according to the following criteria:
    • Technical Evaluation
      • Intonation
      • Sound quality of the choir
    • Artistic Evaluation
      • Fidelity to the score
      • Overall artistic impression
  3. The final result is calculated from the total sum of all final scores of the jury. The lowest and highest scores will be disregarded.
  4. According to the final result from all final scores of the jury, choirs will be awarded the following Diplomas:
    GOLD Diploma A grade 90 points and above
    B grade 85 points to 89.90 points
    C grade 80 points to 84.90 points
    SILVER Diploma A grade 75 points to 79.90 points
    B grade 70 points to 74.90 points
    C grade 65 points to 69.90 points
    BRONZE Diploma A grade 60 points to 64.90 points
    B grade 55 points to 59.90 points
    C grade 40 points to 54.90 points
  5. All decisions of the jury will be considered final and cannot be contested.
  6. All choirs will receive written copies of their adjudicated scores.


Each category will present the following awards:

GOLD Diploma (80 points and above)
SILVER Diploma (65 – 79 points)
BRONZE Diploma (40 – 64 points)

The choir which is awarded a GOLD Diploma with the highest marks will be named Category Winner of the respective category.

Choirs which do not receive any prizes will receive a Certificate of Participation for their performances.

The Jury may award the following Special Awards at their discretion:

  • Best Conductor
    • For outstanding musical and artistic direction of the choir during the Competition.
    • Student conductors are not eligible for this award.
  • Most Promising Choir (Primary School Category)
    • For a Primary School choir, demonstrating outstanding potential during the Competition.
  • Most Promising Choir (Secondary School Category)
    • For a Secondary School choir, demonstrating outstanding potential during the Competition.
  • Most Promising Choir (Open Category)
    • For an Open Category choir, demonstrating outstanding potential during the Competition.

Registration deadline is Friday, 9th June 2017. All necessary documents including original scores and Registration Form much reach the Organizers by this date.

Download Registration Form


8th July Afternoon:
Arrivals / Registration, Primary School Choir Competition,
2 representative from each choir meet the juries session and announcement of results.
9th July Morning: Arrivals / Registration
Morning and Afternoon:
Secondary School / Open Categories Choir Competition
2 representative from each choir meet the juries session (Secondary/ Open Categories)
Announcement of Results and Closing Ceremony

**Competition schedule subject to change

Download Registration Form