Echoes of Grace

Echoes of Grace

Presented by the Opera Bridesmaids

‘Echoes of Grace’ marks the second production of the Opera Bridesmaids. Its name was derived from the compilation of repertoires with aims to reproduce different scenes of impressive compositions ranging from time periods of old to more recent masterpieces. ‘Grace’ was incorporated firstly to express God’s divine favor upon mankind and blessings over their instruments that were humbly developed, shaped and refined devotedly. ‘Grace’ also portrays the innate delicateness of a woman when she sings and moves; a woman who exudes strength and courage at the same time.

‘Echoes of Grace’ depicts the story of nine young maidens who are yearning to find themselves through riveting and emotionally diverse songs. These maidens will take you on this unraveling journey as they discover truth and peace within themselves, and experience the Echoes of Grace.

Date: 10th September 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, PJ Old Town.

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