The Young KL Singers

YKLS Audititon

Formed in July 2002, The Young KL Singers (YKLS) is the latest addition to the local performing arts industry comprising of approximately 40 members currently from all walks of life who share a common passion for music, singing, and performing.

Members include teachers, lawyers, accountants, students; various members of society, trained and untrained singers. The YKLS creates an avenue for all its members to express their innate singing talents in a relaxed environment. Furthermore, each production encourages the members to develop their creative abilities in all aspects of show production, be it stage direction, show and costume designing, or marketing and publicity.

The choir has produced sixteen concert productions to date, including a few sold-out and Kakiseni BOH Cameronian award winning performances. It has been a YKLS’ tradition to present music from various genres and theme in each production. So far, YKLS’ repertoire has included cannon choral music, Broadway musicals, jazz, ethnic music from around the world, Asian folk songs, as well as music of various faiths and religions. In 2012, YKLS staged their 10th anniversary production, ‘Popzzical’ – a production that featured songs from the Pop, Jazz and Musical Theatre genre – at both The Actors Studio @ Lot 10.

In 2004, YKLS launched its charity wing known as “Voices of Hope”, a program that reaches out to the community through music where member volunteers have the opportunity to pass on their skills learnt from the choir to underprivileged children. Past beneficiaries include Rumah Hope (2004 – 2005), Rumah Impian (2005 – 2007) and the latest National Autistic Society of Malaysia (2010 – 2011). In most of the productions, the choir also has a tradition of dedicating a show to the under-privileged.

The Young KL Singers

Awards won by YKLS:
  1. Kakiseni Audience Choice Award for Music at the BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2013 – for ‘Popzzical’
  2. Best Group Performance (Vocal) for ‘Sinaran’ performed in ‘Popzzical’ at the BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2013
  3. Gold IV Diploma in the Folklore category (Open competition) at the 6th World Choir Games 2010
  4. Gold II Diploma in Malaysia Choral Eisteddfod VIII 2010. YKLS was also declared the winner in the Folk Songs category
  5. Best Group Performance (Voice) for ‘Sin Sin Si Batu Manikam’ performed in ‘Rhythmic Roots’ at the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2009
  6. Kakiseni Audience Choice Award for Music at the BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2007 – for ‘Move It!’
  7. Silver V Diploma in the Popular Choir Music category (Open competition) in the Asian Choir Games 2007
  8. Recipient of the Choral Assessment Outstanding Achievers Award Gold Level 2005 from the Trinity International Examination Board
  9. Recipient of the Choral Assessment Outstanding Achievers Award Silver Level 2004 from the Trinity International Examination Board
  10. Kakiseni Audience Choice Award for Music at the BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2003 – for ‘Through The Barricades’
YKLS’ Past Productions
  1. YKLS Christmas Project – December 2012
  2. Popzzical – August 2012
  3. Together as One – November 2011
  4. Buatan Malaysia 2 – November 2010
  5. Rhythmic Roots – November 2009
  6. Breakin’ It Down! – October 2008
  7. Move It! – September 2007
  8. A Malaysian Affair (A Tapestry of Malaysian Songs) – September 2006
  9. Goin’ Home – November 2005
  10. Four Seasons – May 2005
  11. Musical Treasures – March 2005
  12. Beat It, Sing It! – December 2004
  13. YKLS Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein – June 2004
  14. Through The Barricades – November 2003
  15. Simply Andrew Lloyd Webber – June 2003
  16. Music Brings Us Together – December 2002
YKL has performed at this following functions
  1. Carolling gigs (2003 – 2012) for: 1 Utama, Cadbury Malaysia, Christian Dior, Clinique, Digi Christmas Roadshow, Hotel Armada, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers, Smokehouse Restaurant, Pavillion, Publika.
  2. Christmas Concert with klpac Symphony Orchestra – December 2010
  3. Australian Week @ klpac – April 2009
  4. Lord of the Rings Symphony with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra – Dec 2008
  5. The Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA) Dream Malaysia Awards 2007 – November 2007
  6. ASTRO presents the Choir of Trinity College in Malaysia 2007 – July 2007
  7. 1st – 3rd Young Singers’ Choral Festival (2003 – 2005)
  8. Charity Gala Dinner, Pearl International Hotel – March 2006
  9. Merck Sharp Dome (LA) Corp’s Annual Dinner & Dance – January 2006
  10. Coalition Image Concert – August 2005
  11. World Vision 30-Hour Famine Fundraising Project – October 2004
  12. Perodua’s 10th Anniversary VIP Dinner – September 2004
  13. The re-launch ceremony of Nescafe Gold – August 2004
  14. The Female Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Dinner – August 2004
  15. The British Graduates Associations’ Charity Gala Dinner – August 2004
  16. Hospis Malaysia’s charity concert – November 2003
  17. SM Subang Jaya’s charity concert – October 2003
  18. IKEA, Mutiara Damansara Opening Ceremony – August 2003
  19. Multiple Sclerosis Society’s charity dinner – December 2002


Production reviews

“Although it was their first performance together, the YKLS have an admirable show.”
YKLS’ Debut Performance
The Star Metro

“…harmonious and unifying sounds…”
“Music Brings Us Together: A Global Musical Cocktail”
The Star Metro

“The YKLS are an impressive choir.”
“…the choir is as strong as ever …full of conviction, emotion and pride”
“The image cast …was very real, and moving”
“…ended the year on the right note…”
“Through The Barricades”
The Star Metro

“The YKLS is an impressive vocal group who sings well together.”
“…a choir without the stiff collars…high-spirited with lots of energy and pizzazz”
“…YKLS have managed to maintain high production standards for their concerts…”
“Beat It, Sing It!”

“I had fun at Beat It, Sing It!: the choir was obviously having a good time, with their rousing Mongolian and Zulu pieces; urging us to buy bananas and papayas at the Latin American marketplace; pulling us, their final-day audiences (it was December 5th) to come on-stage and jig to a calypso with them – it was difficult not to stand up and clap along.”
“Beat It, Sing It!”
Kakiseni, Zedeck Siew

“…an achievement for a group that started out with nothing more than a desire to groom local talents.”
“…earned a reputation for belting out well-known numbers from musicals …”
“Four Seasons”
The Star

“…the Young Kuala Lumpur Singers (YKLS) has been making quite a name for itself, presenting music of a wide range of repertoires.”
“…the simplicity of the approach may well be the attraction for this concert.”
“Goin’ Home”
The Star

“A Malaysian Affair… is just as varied musically as our nation is racially”
“A Malaysian Affair”
The Star

“The Singers produced a near-perfect harmonious blend in the Malaysian tunes…”
“A commendable sound. Sufficiently professional”
“Their keenness best reflects their potential”
“Move It!”
The Star, Eddy Chin

“…intriguing to find out how jazz, which depends on improvisation, could be mixed with choral music…”
“YKLS is not your usual conventional choir where the singers stay rooted on the spot. YKLS is known also for their choreography…”
“Breakin’ It Down!”
The Star

“The Young KL Singers’ Rhythmic Roots celebrates our rich cultural and musical heritage”
“…a music performance that journeys through various ethnicity and cultures of Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China and India”
“Rhythmic Roots”
The Star

“Although the songs were in languages that were not always familiar, it was the expressiveness of the singers that brought these songs to life”
“…it was simplicity at its best”
“…an evening that reminded us of the importance of living together in one spirit, and that love and peace can truly thrive through music and arts”
“Together as One”
Selangor Times, Dominic Luk

“Popzzical’s programme had some really good song choices…It was truly an interesting blend with a bit of everything to keep the audience excited”
“YKLS has always been known for their ability to produce astonishing choral sounds and making the chorus of angels in heaven jealous”
Selangor Times, Dominic Luk

“…the YKLS choir did a wonderful job, infusing the songs with both technical precision and heartfelt emotion”
“An accomplished performance by the YKLS choir, whose skill, vivacity and enthusiasm should truly be commended”
The Star, Terence Toh