The K.L. Children’s Choir is extending its training program to children aged 3, 4 and 5 years old, to experience the fun behind Choir Singing! Besides the fun singing sessions, members will learn basic musicianship skills, gain an understanding of vocal health, learn more children’s choir songs, and have a chance to perform in the year-end  production.


  • To provide a healthy, positive and experience-based learning environment for children.
  • Engage in group work, but not neglecting space for individual development and personal characteristics.
  • Music as an active art to provide a space to encourage students and build musical skills by forming judgement of artistic and aesthetic value in musical taste.
  • To enhance development in many sided areas including emotion, physical, creativity, social, intellectual and aesthetic sensitivity.
  • Above all, to enjoy music-making together.


  • To enhance basic musical skills aurally and visually by singing, music movement, musical games and story listening.
  • Develop musical skills including sense of rhythm, singing and ear training through rhymes and children’s songs.

Class time:

SAturday, 12.00pm-12.45pm
(We are looking for 5-10members per class)